As a Mama of children with allergies I know, full well, how difficult it is to create everyday meals without typical ingredients. Most people are able to find good gluten-free recipes, due to the increasing awareness, there are tons of websites and books now to help.  While it might be easy to find gluten-free products or recipes, but a large number of them have eggs, dairy, soy or other allergens. This is one of the biggest problems that more and more families are running into…multiple allergies.

Our daughter is allergic to dairy, soy, gluten, oats, eggs, almonds and a variety of others. She also has severe asthma which we generally treat naturally. This is a story of our family’s struggles and joys of living with food allergies.

My hope is that you will find encouragement, support, a place with information to help, as well as, recipes here. If you find yourself a bit overwhelmed with a new diagnosis a good place to start is here or head to the allergy information and notable post pages.

Please feel free to add comments and if you would like to contact me privately you may do so at: mamat(at)lifewithfoodallergies (dot)com.


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