Bob’s Red Mill Giveaway

Bob’s Red Mill is hosting a giveaway.

Carol Fenster’s book 1,000 Gluten Free Recipes and some of their new gluten free oats products are the prize. I’ve been meaning to write about their steel cut oats and a spurtle…yes, a spurtle. I’ve had it in the drafts for weeks now. I’ll get that one off soon.

Carol’s recipes have saved our family so much over the past 4 years. They are amazingly good and as you know from our pizza story we love her recipes.

Head on over to Bob’s and enter the giveaway.

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Another Dairy Allergy Child ~ ARRGH!

I know…it’s easy right?

Already got one what’s the big deal?

The problem is…

This one is just 4 months old and formula (milk) is ALL he can eat. And no, breastfeeding is not an option at this point, wish it was because that would be an easy fix.

Formula is very expensive to begin with (and all of them are made with corn syrup, really healthy, don’t you think?) and now having to buy an allergy-free one–YIKES!

We tried the typical hypoallergenic store brands…still not helping, in fact one of them made him worse than the milk based formula.

So, we have to use a truly allergy free formula at an average of $30 for a 14 oz. can. That is used up in roughly 3 days!

Thank goodness we are cloth diaper fans…otherwise we’d need a full time job just to pay for them both!

Not good on the budget and especially not good on very little income, which is where we are right at the moment thanks to the current economic crisis…so the plan?


Well, that is a different plan than finding a wonderful mama willing to give me a deal on her left over unopened cases on Craigslist. Which I did find and what we bought will tie us over for a while.

The Plan:

To Make My Own Allergy-Free Formula

I’ve been doing some research and I will be working with our pediatrician this next few weeks to create a good, alternative, homemade, diary-free formula.

Will it be less expensive?

Not sure.

But I will know what’s in it. AND less expensive or not it won’t be based on corn syrup and that is priceless!

Hmm, wasn’t there some contest about that priceless credit card thing? I know, getting sidetracked…but I should look and see if it’s still out there. Maybe that will pay for formula and diapers. Oh, yeah, using cloth…already have…although, I’d love more. Side-tracked.

After talking with the Dr. tonight I think we might be able to do it! It will not based on goat’s milk, although that is a nice option, isn’t usually a good one for a true dairy protein allergy.

I’ll keep you updated on our progress.

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Food Allergy Song

Here’s another video I found that is absolutely adorable. Enjoy!

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Egg Replacer

People have been asking me about how to use an egg replacer, specifically a commercial egg replacer like Ener G. Most of you probably have found that gluten free baking turns out really dense and without eggs it’s worse.

One of the best tips I have learned over the years is to double the amount called for. So if you need 1 egg for the recipe, use 2 eggs worth of the egg replacer. This is especially true if you are making lighter things like pancakes, cupcakes, and other desserts. You could even triple the egg replacer.

Each recipe may take a little experimenting to find the right ratio. I have tripled the replacer in some recipes and they were really a bit too light and fluffy. Which personally, I would rather have baked goods on the lighter side than too dense as most gluten free baked goods are.

But over all a good rule of thumb is to double the amount of egg replacer and you should find that your baked goods are less dense.

Hope this helps.

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Life without food allergies.

Our world changed drastically the day we found out about Little Miss’ food allergies. We entered a world we didn’t really understand or knew much about. Now, I’m an educator to almost everyone in our lives. Honestly, its a bit tiring, but worth it for her health and vitality.

I found another video you might enjoy.

What’s it like?

“Not fun”


“Can’t go to baseball or games…”

“Bad stranger has moved next door and you are not allowed to move. You are always looking out the window to see if that guy is out in his driveway so that your children can go out and play”

“You don’t know where the risk is.”

“…Think of the un-obvious things that people take for granted…”

“We were going to go to the zoo but instead we went to the hospital.”

I never let my guard down, because the minute I do that it feels like I’m playing a bit of Russian Roulet”

“That’s the scary part, you can be doing your best, but it may not be enough.”

“I don’t think it is possible to really, really understand it unless you are living with it.”

“I wouldn’t wish it on any parent…there is nothing more scary than to see your child not be able to breath.”

I imagine…

Eating everything that has nuts in it…like snickers…eggs for breakfast every day…eating in a restaurant and order off the menu without having tow worry.”

These were a few quotes that really stuck out…especially the ones from the parent’s perspective.

Now that Little MissĀ  is getting older and is more aware that most people do not have food allergies she struggles with how “unfair” it is that she can’t enjoy bagels, donuts, ice cream, and a great many other wonderful treats.

As a mother, I never get to let my guard down for fear of an asthma attack, general bad health, or the worst, a trip to the hospital…I wish more people understood why I “control” her food so much; why I’ve given up on a lot of activities that include a lot of unsupervised children.

That’s what I imagine the most…understanding people in my life that don’t sit back and judge me for protecting my child.

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