Food Allergy Song

Here’s another video I found that is absolutely adorable. Enjoy!

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Life without food allergies.

Our world changed drastically the day we found out about Little Miss’ food allergies. We entered a world we didn’t really understand or knew much about. Now, I’m an educator to almost everyone in our lives. Honestly, its a bit tiring, but worth it for her health and vitality.

I found another video you might enjoy.

What’s it like?

“Not fun”


“Can’t go to baseball or games…”

“Bad stranger has moved next door and you are not allowed to move. You are always looking out the window to see if that guy is out in his driveway so that your children can go out and play”

“You don’t know where the risk is.”

“…Think of the un-obvious things that people take for granted…”

“We were going to go to the zoo but instead we went to the hospital.”

I never let my guard down, because the minute I do that it feels like I’m playing a bit of Russian Roulet”

“That’s the scary part, you can be doing your best, but it may not be enough.”

“I don’t think it is possible to really, really understand it unless you are living with it.”

“I wouldn’t wish it on any parent…there is nothing more scary than to see your child not be able to breath.”

I imagine…

Eating everything that has nuts in it…like snickers…eggs for breakfast every day…eating in a restaurant and order off the menu without having tow worry.”

These were a few quotes that really stuck out…especially the ones from the parent’s perspective.

Now that Little MissĀ  is getting older and is more aware that most people do not have food allergies she struggles with how “unfair” it is that she can’t enjoy bagels, donuts, ice cream, and a great many other wonderful treats.

As a mother, I never get to let my guard down for fear of an asthma attack, general bad health, or the worst, a trip to the hospital…I wish more people understood why I “control” her food so much; why I’ve given up on a lot of activities that include a lot of unsupervised children.

That’s what I imagine the most…understanding people in my life that don’t sit back and judge me for protecting my child.

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Children With Food Allergies

I found this video recently and I thought you’d like to have a little look into the life of children living with food allergies.

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Christmas Is Coming Part 2

Food galore…allergy laden food that is…then add cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, relatives and friends, in all shapes and sizes, eating things that are forbidden on your family’s list. It is difficult. “It’s not fair,” I often lament. I would love to have my daughter be able to eat things that everyone else eats, but the consequences of doing so far out weigh the unfairness in it all.

How do we handle it?

Make lots of our own substitutions. There’s no getting around the food, so the best option is to have lots of allergy safe foods on hand.

Make sure when visiting others you bring your own goodies, especially for the little ones.

This maybe obvious, when visiting others, don’t expect people to cater to your family’s needs. It is wonderful when you have a host or hostess that asks and is willing to provide some allergy free things! More often than not, though, you will find that people don’t understand or are at a loss as to what to make. Put them at ease, let them know you do not expect them to make food that your family can eat and you are happy to bring your own things. Be honest and up front, you don’t want to offend a hostess who might not know why you brought your own food!

The holidays are not the time to try to educate those around you. If you have folks that don’t understand the needs your family has, be gracious, but don’t try to educate them unless you feel they really have a desire to know.

While it’s hard not to be anxious about the food, enjoy the time gathered together.

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Peek Into Life With Food Allergies

Here’s a peek into the lives of those that live with food allergies. The fears, the challenges, and the hope.

Food Allergy Initiative

I found this video and thought I’d share and I will soon get back to the holiday posts.

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